Chicago Magazine article on Kalven case

The August issue of Chicago Magazine contains an article by David Bernstein on Jamie Kalven’s legal confrontation with the City of Chicago over the subpoena demanding his notes. Bernstein places the controversy against the background of Kalven’s effort as a young man to complete the manuscript on the American tradition of freedom of speech on which his father, Harry Kalven, Jr., was working when he died.

Judge denies City motions in Kalven case

On June 27, Judge Arlander Keys ruled on two City motions seeking to compel Jamie Kalven to turn over his notes and answer certain questions in connection with the Bond case. Judge Keys’ opinion denied the City’s motions, except insofar as they apply to notes relating to his conversations with the plaintiff Diane Bond–i.e., matters about which he has been willing to testify. The City has filed a motion for reconsideration of the ruling. Kalven has also filed a motion for partial reconsideration, arguing that his notes on his conversations with Ms. Bond are “journalistic work product” and hence protected. The parties have until July 28 to reply to one another’s briefs.