The Writing on the Wall: A Love Letter

Writing on the walls outside a vacant apartment in 3542 South State Street.

On a wall beside a vacant apartment on the seventh floor of 3542South State Street—a high-rise at Stateway Gardens known as “The House of Pain”—words of ardor and longing flow across rows of brick.

Opening lines of the love letter.

To Kidey in all seriousness, I’m losing the love of my life and I’m not doing anything to stop it! It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s I don’t think I have any fight in me anymore. Jen, I love U. And it doesn’t feel right. I don’t feel complete unless I’m with you! Maybe you think I don’t care or don’t love you!

The following five lines of the love letter.

Cause I do care and I do love you! Our conversations lately have been so cold! We don’t talk like lovers. Hell we don’t even sound like friends when we speak! Something’s pulling us apart! We can’t let that happen. Without you I’m lost. I’m all fucked up inside because I think I might lose you! I’m hurting so much inside! The only thing that can stop that pain is letting me hold you in my arms and you telling me I won’t lose you! Jen, I’m missing you like crazy! I’m begging you on this wall for all my friends to witness that please don’t you leave me. Please let’s work this out! I need you, boo!

The final three lines of the love letter.

And I know you need me! I know you love me? Right? I hope I’m right! Jenny its really late but I’m going to the phone to call you! Ok! I love U always baby always! No matter what happens. My love will always be there just like your name on my arm! Jenni!

Love always Julian