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City moves to enforce subpoena of Kalven’s notes

On June 13, 2005, Jamie Kalven received a subpoena from the City of Chicago in connection with Bond v. Utreras, et al. It demanded “copies of any and all documents, notes, reports, writings, computer files, audio tapes, video tapes, or any written or recorded item” in his possession regarding any of twenty-four named individuals (members of the Stateway Gardens community and police officers, as well as the plaintiff’s attorney and an expert witness) “and/or any allegations of misconduct by any police officer” at Stateway Gardens.

Kalven refused to comply with the subpoena on multiple grounds; chief among them, the First Amendment.

On May 1, 2006, the City filed two motions. One motion (exhibits) petitions the judge to issue “a rule to show cause as to why Kalven should not be held in contempt for his deliberate and intentional refusal to produce the notes and recordings in question.” The other motion (exhibits) seeks an order compelling Kalven to answer certain questions he declined to answer when deposed in the Bond case.

On May 30, Kalven’s attorneys, Thomas Sullivan and David Sanders of Jenner & Block, filed his response.

The case is in the courtroom of Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys. Judge Keys has said he will rule by June 12.

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